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Corona Masks

Israeli Industry Promotes Protective Solutions for Coronavirus Era

Nearly overnight, the demand for efficient, professional, and high-quality protective solutions has become immense. Many are in need of masks and protective gear, and when they search for reliable suppliers around the world, they do not always find the right solution. The good news is, that a veteran Israeli company has stepped up to the challenge and now provides a wide variety of effective solutions.
No one could imagine the current situation, but what would seem to be a scene from a sci-fi movie only six months ago has become a reality with which we all must cope. The Covid-19 virus has spread throughout the world at a terrifying pace, and many countries are taking vast measures to prevent further outbreak, to prepare the medical system to handle the virus and promote protection of public health. As the crisis has caught us unprepared, tension is high and solutions are developed on the go. However, one thing is clear – high-quality protective gear are a critical need and a minimal requirement for personal protection and as a protective solution for organizations in all sectors.

מסכות לקורונה

Corona Masks

Masks have been research-proven effective

At the onset of the crisis there were many varied opinions regarding the efficacy of masks, and some even said that not only were they unhelpful, they were harmful. However, today there is no question that cloth masks with a minimum of two layers are most effective in preventing the transferal of droplets. Research has proven that any liquid carrying the virus will be stopped by the masks.
Many countries, especially in Southeast Asia, where wearing masks in public was already part of routine life prior to the virus, showed lower rates of infection. Also, studies conducted in recent months have shown that even in the worst-case scenario, droplets that did get through masks of at least two layers, made it to a distance of 5 centimeters at the most. This is much lower than the distance of 2 meters required by health organizations.

Many suppliers provide faulty merchandise

The tremendous need for masks and protective gear for medical staff, professionals and the general public, has caused many organizations to reach out to suppliers all over the world in a search for quality equipment. One of the most attractive candidates was China – a country that has just recently overcome the peak of the outbreak and is immersed in protective gear. By the end of February, the Chinese industry was manufacturing over 100 million masks every day. Meanwhile, around the world the shortage of gear was significant, and the masks were limited to medical staff. Suddenly surgical masks, a commonplace object in times of routine, were a precious commodity.
In many cases the masks available were of low quality and without FDA approval, and their efficacy was dubious. In light of the many trade restrictions, the global crisis and the shutdown of air travel, it was necessary to find an effective and comprehensive solution to provide the highest quality of masks at a suitable cost, for a wide range of budgets.

An Israeli factory provides an effective solution for the masks crisis

For over thirty years, Jolybar has been a major player in the field of polyester and PVC substrates. One of our fields of specialty is coating and providing Anti-fog features to transparent substrates – meaning, prevention of condensation on the surface area of these substrates. The advantage is obvious – Israeli development of coated masks that prevent fogging on one hand, and also optimal protection against viral droplets on the other. This important technology enables medical teams to use the equipment, offering high quality protection while preventing fog and steam on the protective masks.
As the global economy is facing one of the biggest crises in history, our factory in Northern Israel works to create products that battle the coronavirus, employing dozens of workers, bringing a breath of fresh air and hope.

Customization and widescale global distribution

Our company provides our products to any location worldwide within only 48 hours from time of order.
Customization is available – in terms of specifications of the mask, dimensions and thickness, quality standard as well as in terms of packaging and marking – all these to respond to the widest range of requirements and specifications for all organizations.

Strictest standards of quality control

Jolybar’s quality assurance division has been dealing with an exceptional workload in recent months. Every single package leaving the factory is examined and inspected under the most stringent of conditions to ensure that our protective gear meets all requirements. Only after official approval are the packages sent out to customers.
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Coating substrates

JOLYcoat – Substrates ready to print

Jolybar’s Digital Print Center features a Coating Center which is of the most progressive in its field.

The center complies with the strict HP Indigo standard and has been officially certified by HP.

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