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Anti-Slip Surfaces

Liquid, oil, and chemical absorbents

A variety of liquid, oil, and chemical absorbents for ensuring the safety and quality of your work environment.
Liquids of various kinds can be found at any gas station, garage, lab, food and beverage factory, and more.
A large share of workplace accidents occurs because of wet surfaces or the presence of flammable materials.
In order to maintain a safe environment and avoid hazards, liquids and flammable materials should be absorbed with the proper sheet.
Jolybar provides absorbent sheets and surface coverings for use on work areas.
Each sheet has a different absorbency rate, and may be purchased by the sheet or in roll form.
All sheets are made of eco-friendly materials, and are approved for use with food and in medical facilities.


An absorbent sheet for liquids such as water, oil, alcohol, and non-abrasive chemicals. Saves time and cleaning costs. The ideal solution for workplaces such as supermarkets, bars, kitchens, airports, schools, workshops, or any other workplace that needs to be kept safe, clean, and dry.


An industrial absorbent sheet with high mechanical properties. For motorized areas, car and motorcycle garages.


A very highly absorbent single-use cloth to dry and clean your surfaces quickly.
Sold in 2 sizes, with an absorbency of 500 ml to 1 liter per cloth (depending on size).

Four Stop

An ultra-high absorbency sheet for use in hospitals, especially operating rooms, around sinks, sterile surfaces – for absorbency and maintaining a dry standing area.

Product Manager: Shiri Regev

Materials Types

Anti-Slip Sheets

Aabsorbent Sheet for Liquids
Industrial Absorbent Sheet
Single-Use Cloth
Ultra-High Absorbency Sheet
Coating substrates

JOLYcoat – Substrates ready to print

Jolybar’s Digital Print Center features a Coating Center which is of the most progressive in its field.

The center complies with the strict HP Indigo standard and has been officially certified by HP.

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