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Capsulation and laminated Rolls

Polyester rolls with thermal adhesive for lamination of posters, maps, etc.
The material is sold in a variety of weights and thicknesses, with an option of glossy or matte finish.


Polyester lamination kits with thermal adhesive, in various sizes, glossy or matte finish.

Product Manager: Ami Slama-Margalit
Cell-Phone: +972-52-3575877
ג'וליבר - גלילי פוליאסטר עם דבק תרמי

Materials Types


Clear matt – 32 my
Clear matt – 75 my
Clear matt – 125 my
Clear Glossy – 32 my
Clear Glossy – 75 my
Clear Glossy – 125 my
Clear Glossy – 250 my

Pouches - kit

Pouches Kit – 80 my Clear Matt
Pouches Kit – 125 my Clear Matt
Pouches Kit – 80 my Clear Glossy
Pouches Kit – 125 my Clear Glossy
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