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Flatbed printing substrates

JolyBoard – Honeycomb printable board
Used for display installations, furniture, and convention booths. Can carry large weights. Manufactured in Israel.

Corrugated Cardboard for Printing
We import corrugated cardboard with different types of corrugation such E, B, EE, and EB. All types are sold with special liners for digital print, allowing for a high quality of print.

Plastic Products
Transparent polyester in a variety of thicknesses, polypropylene at varied opacities and thicknesses.

Foamed Polypropylene
Foamed polypropylene at 1, 2, or 3 mm. Eco-friendly and recyclable material. Its many applications make it an ideal substitute for foamed PVC.

Watch a video about Jolybar’s Environment Friendly signage

Product Manager: Ami Slama-Margalit
Cell-Phone: +972-52-3575877
ג'וליבר - לוחות שטוחים

Materials Types

"Honeycomb" printable board - JOLYBOARD

Both side white - JOLYBOARD
VC panel – edge cover for "honeycomb" boards. Colors of black, grey, cream

Printable Flute Boards

White E-Flute Board, one side
White B-Flute Board, one side
White Double-EE Board, one side
EB Board, one side

מצעים פלסטיים

Transparent Polyester
PVC חלבי Backlit
White Matt PVC
PP לבן אטום
PP לבן אטום 15%-6%
PP חלבי
PP שחור
PP מחוספס

PP מוקצף בעובי 1-3 מ"מ

PP מוקצף
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