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Substrates for laser printers and color photocopiers

Paper and opaque/transparent polyester for printing on monochrome or color photocopiers
Neon paper in a variety of shades
Grease-proof papers in rolls or sheets, in a variety of thicknesses
Transparent/opaque polyester labels

Possible applications:
•    Presentations
•    Business cards
•    Restaurant menus

Product Manager: Ami Slama-Margalit
Cell-Phone: +972-52-3575877
ג'וליבר - מדבקות פוליאסטר

Materials Types

Printable Rolls

Neon Papers
Parchment Papers

Black Copiers

Auto-Feed 100 my transparencies + paper on the short side
Auto-Feed 100 my transparencies
Manual-Feed 100 my transparencies – Inter-Leaf paper

Black laser Printers

Transparency for Black Paper Printers + paper on the short side
Transparency for Black Paper Printers

Color Laser Printers

Parchment Papers
Mylar - 100 my
Mylar - 140 my
Self-Adhesive Paper - 90 gr
Clear-Matt Self-Adhesive PET, 60 my
Clear-Glossy Self-Adhesive PET, 60 my
White Semi-Glossy Self-Adhesive PET, 70 my
White Glossy Self-Adhesive PET, 50 my
White Opaque Two-Side Coated PET
lor Laser Transparency + sensor the long side
Color Laser Transparency + sensor the short side
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