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Direct Printing on Textiles Latex/UV

Textiles for flags, illumination installations and more.

Various thicknesses, including mesh for ventilation. These textiles are suitable for all sublimation printers.

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Product Manager: Ami Slama-Margalit

Materials Types


Flag Textile, 110 gr., light transmission 85%
"Mesh" Flag Textile for sublimation, 110 gr,
Satin Textile, 145 gr.
Satin Textile, 200 gr.
Backlit Textile, "SAMBA", 175 gr.
Backlit Textile, 250 gr.
Backlit Textile, 305 gr.
    Opaque Textile with 3% stretch, 260 gr.
      Coating substrates

      JOLYcoat – Substrates ready to print

      Jolybar’s Digital Print Center features a Coating Center which is of the most progressive in its field.

      The center complies with the strict HP Indigo standard and has been officially certified by HP.

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