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Shrink Sleeves

Jolybar offers a wide variety of shrink sleeves in various materials: PLA, OPS, PVC, PET.

Each has many advantages and different shrink capabilities.

During the shrinking process, the sleeves adapt themselves to the size of the package, creating a 360 degree cover.

Sleeves can withstand humidity and are used in many products including yoghurt cups, cheese containers, soap packages, shampoo bottles, and more.

Product Manager: Eran Rozmarin
Cell-Phone: +972-52-7357590

Materials Types

PET - Polyester

Shrinkage - 77%
Shrinkage - 78%
Shrinkage - 76%
Shrinkage - 76%
Shrinkage - 77%


Shrinkage - 63%
Shrinkage - 57%
Shrinkage - 62%


Shrinkage - 65%


PLA Shrink
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