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White Films

A variety of white films – OPP, BOPP, BOPET – white, pearl, used as a single film (MONO) or as part of a multilayer film in various levels of luster, shade of “white”, gas and light barrier capability.

Film may be chemically coated or corona treated.

Films are suitable for a variety of welding temperatures, with high or low friction coefficients (COF).

Films are also available at an irregular density level (0.58), allowing for improved maximization of raw materials at low packaging weights.

White films are suitable for a variety of applications, including labels for containers and bottles (over wrap), ice cream packaging (cold seal), candy bar wrappers, pastries, etc.

Films come in a variety of thicknesses, from 20 micron to 50 micron.

Synthetic Paper

YUPO materials in thicknesses of 100 – 500 microns for packaging applications requiring thickness, mechanical durability, and stiffness, e.g.: tickets / labels, labels, leaflets and inserts, various publications, etc.

Materials provided have been treated for printing on various technologies.

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Product Manager: Eran Rozmarin
יריעה לבנה, ג'וליבר

Materials Types

Polyester - PET

White Polyester
White Sealing Polyester

Polypropylene - BOPP

White BOPP
White Metalized BOPP
Ultra High Yield White BOPP
Very High Yield White BOPP
White High Barrier BOPP
Coating substrates

JOLYcoat – Substrates ready to print

Jolybar’s Digital Print Center features a Coating Center which is of the most progressive in its field.

The center complies with the strict HP Indigo standard and has been officially certified by HP.

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