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Processing and Marketing of Polymeric Substrates

Processing & marketing
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Digital Printing

Jolybar has been servicing the digital printing industry for over 30 years. The company has developed an advanced and innovative enterprise that provides materials for the printing industry, in accordance with its exacting requirements and customized for each customer. The company maintains strict controls on quality assurance and ensures compliance with the highest standards of efficiency and responsiveness.
Jolybar offers its digital printing customers the plastic sheeting materials that they need for their entire range of printing systems, from A4 pages suitable for home printers up to 5-meter sheets for wide format printing machines. We keep an extensive inventory and can deliver the required products even at short notice, often within 24 hours. In addition, Jolybar offers its customers a bespoke cutting facility to provide custom sized printing materials upon request.

Pharma Packaging Innovations

Any raw materials required by the pharmaceutical industry must meet the highest standards of quality certification, licenses, and other quality control criteria. In addition, their production must be carried out in strict adherence to rules concerning clean environments, and this applies not only to the machines used to process the packaging materials, but also to their packaging and transportation. At Jolybar, we are familiar with the detailed and specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. With over thirty years of experience in this field, we have proven our ability to meet this sector’s uncompromising standards of professionalism and consistency.

Flexible Packaging

Jolybar provides various types of sheeting for flexible packaging, including polypropylene (BOPP), cast polypropylene (CPP), polyester (BOPET), nylon (BOPA), aluminum foil (AL) and biodegradable sheets (PLA). We are very familiar with each of these categories, understanding their relevant applications and working with our clients to provide a comprehensive supply solution.

Jolybar can advise clients on the design of flexible packaging to suit their specific application, such as the required degree of barrier (against oxygen, moisture, UV, etc.) and the necessary criteria for thickness, width and length.

Cold and Hot Stamping Foils

Jolybar is an approved supplier of the Scodix company, marketing its digital stamping foils, and also the official Israeli representative of ITW, Crown and API – all leading global foil companies. We hold stock of their products which can be delivered to customers in Israel within 24 hours, in a range of width options from 10 mm to 1,520 mm, and in any length required up to 9,000 meters, with cardboard cores of 1, 3 or 6 inches diameter.

Industrial Materials

Jolybar supplies a range of sheets made with copper foil, aluminum foil and foil laminates combined with other raw materials, such as polyester. We provide specialist industrial sheeting products for various industries, including for the construction insulation industry, space separation sheets (for roofs, walls, etc.), for the cardboard industry, for the solar heating industry, and for use with sub-floor heating systems.

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