Jolybar – Raw materials for variety of industries, including printing sector.
Excellence of service and quality.
72h delivery time (exw) of any qty or size.

Markets and Fields of Operation

Jolybar serves wide variety of industries.
We specialize in providing solutions specifically tailored to customer needs.


Digital printing, advertisings, signage and lamination, printing substrates, base materials, rolls and sheets.

Marking strips for printing on cables, pipes, foils, multilayer sheets, laminates to produce insulated “pockets” and bags, production floor absorbent sheets, polyester sheets of multiple thicknesses, lathes, Garages and automotives.

Various films for flexible food-grade packaging, fresh vegetables and any other purpose.

Sheets and foils for blister-pack, for high impermeability, and secondary packaging.

Hot and cold-stamping foils, various transparent sheets for box “windows”.

Our Strengths:

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One-stop shop
for all services




Advanced global
distribution array

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Advanced slitting
and sheeting

Among our Customers

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