Jolybar – Raw materials for industry and printing.
Excellence, service and quality.
All materials, all sizes, global shipping and service.

Our Services

Your peace of mind is our job

Jolybar markets substrates, foils and films for various markets, including flexible packaging, digital printing, paper improvement, binding, electronics and high-tech, pharmaceutical packaging, food industry and more.
In addition, the company operates a cutting and slitting service for its customers.
Jolybar has a large inventory of raw materials and diverse cutting and processing equipment, enabling a rapid turnaround time of quality products.
Jolybar operations is based on JIT – Just In Time principles,  i.e. rapid supply tailored to unique customer needs from order to delivery.
Concurrently, Jolybar maintains pricing stability and efficient work processes, interfacing directly with its customers’ production-planning departments.

Coating Center

A skilled team, led by Chemist Dr. Assaf Salant, coats various sheets for company products and executes special coatings according to customer requirements.

Various water-based coatings, for polymers and papers, up to 70×100 cm.

The coatings enable various printing technologies: HP Indigo laser, offset, UV and more.

Film Processing

We offer our customers all cutting technologies as subcontractors.

Cutting from roll to sheet or roll to roll, including dedicated quality assurance and packaging, complying with the standard defined by the customer.



We provide our customers all packaging, sorting, quality assurance, shipping (including exports) and complex local shipping as a service when ordering our products.


Four Decades of Excellence

Alongside our technological capabilities and beyond the professionalism and decades of experience, Jolybar considers itself a service provider. Our perception is reflected in our high customer-centered service, aiming to translate their special requirements into our challenge.  Jolybar is known as a company that dictates trends with a unique perspective striving toward innovation and renewal.


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