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Genera Industry, Electronics and Electricity

Jolybar is the official Aurubis distributor for copper foils and Korean Lotte for aluminum foil, providing products to various industries - insulation and partitioning, paving, solar and sub-floor heating, cables and electronics, and more.

Nomex® Paper

Nomex® paper at various thicknesses for a wide variety of applications. Jolybar cuts and processes

the Nomex® paper into rolls and sheets according to customer demand.

 Nomex® is a Dupont™ brand for high-temperature electrical

and electronic insulation.

Copper Foils

Jolybar exclusively represents Aurubis (formerly Luvata) in Israel.

We are able to provide clear or coated copper at various thicknesses.

Jolybar provides copper rolls up to 300 micron.

Aluminum Strips

Aluminum strips are used to coat sealing materials applied to insulation surfaces,

metals and pipes. The foils are suitable for thermal, acoustic and other insulation.

Jolybar markets foils at different thicknesses, 6-30 micron.

Sheets for Canopies, Sun Shades and Tensile Structures

Jolybar exclusively represents Mahler in Israel, which manufactures PVC sheets/sun guards for tensile structures, sun shades, wall cladding and coatings.

The material is available with an FR flame retardant. We offer a wide and additional variety of all-purpose sun guards.

Mayler Polyester Sheets

Industrial polyester, 10-500 micron thickness, for various industrial applications.

Treated polyester sheets: For COVID, chemical, silicone, improved adhesion for print and more.

Important technical information

Nomex® Paper

Copper Foils​


Brass Alloy SM2965 M rev2

Brass Alloy SM1090 M rev2

Brass Alloy SM1085 M rev1

Brass Alloy SM1070 M rev2

Brass Alloy SM1067 M rev2

Brass Alloy SM1065 M rev1

Copper SM1063 M EN rev2

Copper Alloy SM 0013 M

Copper Alloy SM 0011 M

Aurubis Flat Rolled Products & Specialty

Aluminum Strips​

Sheets for Canopies, Sun Shades and Tensile Structures​

Mylar Polyester Sheets​

Metalized Polyester

(PRM-Corona Treated Met Film)

Corona treated Polyester

(PR-Corona Treated Film)

Treated Polyester

(HC-Chemical Coated Film)

Industrial Polyester

(PT-Plain Film)

Mylar® A

(Polyester - Mylar A)