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Advertising and Signage

Jolybar serves print shops, signage companies, advertising agencies, designers, architects, engineers and more. We serve all kinds of customers, offering tailored solution and providing a high added value.

Exhibition Design Materials

olybar markets flat boards for constructing exhibition booths, including: Beehive cardboard, corrugated cardboard,

foamed polypropylene boards, Perspex, transparent polyester and more.

Wide Format Printer Materials

Wide sign digital printing materials with Latex/UV/Exo Solvent/Solvent,

Canvas, fabrics, polyester, vinyl labels, nets, sun guards, paper and more.

Wall Sun Guards and Truck Curtains

Sun guards and truck curtains.

The material is available with an FR flame retardant.

We offer a wide and additional variety of all-purpose sun guards.

Important technical information

Exhibition Design Materials​

"Honeycomb" printable board - JOLYBOARD

JolyBoard Smooth – double-sided white

Printable Flute Boards

EB Board, one side


White Double-EE Board, one side


White B-Flute Board, one side


White E-Flute Board, one side


Synthetic Substrates

Rough PP

Black PP

“Milky” PP

White Opaque PP Capacity 6%-15%

White Opaque PP

White Matt PVC


PVC חלבי Backlit

Transparent Polyester

Foamed PP, 1-3 mm

Foamed PP


Wide Format Printer Materials​


Satten Polyester Canvas, 330 my


Satin Canvas Cotton 285 gr



Backlit Polyester, 175 my


Backlit Polyester, 175 my


Backlit Polyester, 125 my



Mesh with Liner, 270 gr. 1000DX1000D


Mesh12, 270 gr. 1000DX1000D



Wall paper, 195 gr.


Glossy Photo Paper, 220 gr.


White Matt Paper for Signage, City Light, 200 gr.


Matt Paper, 175 gr.


White Matt Paper for Signage, City Light, 170 gr.


White Matt Paper for Signage, City Light, 150 gr


White Matt Paper for Signage, City Light, 130 gr.


Synthetic matt paper, 240 gr.



MESH 120 gr/sqm for UV and DYE Sublimation


Satin Textile, 140 gr.


Flag Textille for subilmation, 110 gr.


Fabric for baklit, 175 gr/sqm, for LATEX and UV only


Ultra-white block out fabric, 2 side, 270 gr


Gray back Textile B1 FR, 250 my


Double sides Printing fabric, B1 FR, 340 my


Poly knitted textile, 245 gr.


Opaque Textile with 3% stretch, 260 gr.


Backlit Textile, 250 gr.


Backlit Textile, SAMBA


White textile gray back 235 gr


Flag Matt, 235 gr.


Flag Matt, 200 gr.


Satin Textile, 200 gr.


Satin Textile, 175 gr.


Satin Textile, 145 gr.


Popular Flag perfotated, 110 gr.


Flag Textile, 110 gr., light transmission 85%


Textile, 150 gr.


Self Adhsive

Self Adhesive wall cover Canvas, 180 my


Self adhesive wall cover orangepeel, 180 my


Anti slip Clear floor graphic Selfadhesive, 200 my


Anti slip white matt floor graphic Selfadhesive, 200 my


Texture Textile Removable adhesive, 300 gr.


Vinyl white Matt gray back, 100 my


Glossy Self Adhsive Vinyl, Pearmanent PVC, 100 my

(GCWG100 )

One Way Vision, 150 my



Magnetic Paper (PP)


Iron Paper PVC+PET, 300 my


Gray Backed Banner (Non-Curling), 440 gr.


Blockout Banner (2 side printable), 440 gr.


Panaflex Banner (Coated), Matt White, 560 gr.


Black Banner (Coated), 450 gr., 1000DX1000D, 18X18


Black Backed Banners, 450 gr., 500DX300D, 18X12


White Banner (Laminated), 450 gr., 500DX300D, 18X12


Wall Sun Guards and Truck Curtains​

Truck Curtains

שמשוניות 900 גר’ במגוון צבעים, כולל לבן, להדפסה


Wall Sun Guards

שמשוניות 620 גר’ עם לכה מבריקה משני הצדדים, במגוון צבעים


שמשוניות 600 גר’ ללא לכה, במגוון צבעים


PVC שקוף CRYSTAL ללא עיוותים, 620 מיקרון


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