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Food and Agriculture

Jolybar markets various sheets for flexible spousal food-grade packaging, We are able to adapt the sheet to the required use. Transparent, white or metalized self-welding sheets. Intended for welding into trays or Flow Pack packaging of high impermeability to gases and liquids, with Anti Fog properties at different thicknesses.

Polypropylene Sheets

Transparent, white and metalized COEX polypropylene sheets intended for food packaging and suited to various other applications.

All sheets marketed by Jolybar are approved for contact with food.

Perforated Polypropylene

We offer perforated sheets. Perforation is performed according to customer request.

Fresh fruits and vegetables emit gases, which generate and accelerate decomposition and shorten their shelf life.

To enable “individual” product packaging (1 Kg of cherry tomatoes, 250g of strawberries and more) and enable it a “journey” that will retain its freshness, protect it from external pollutants and other hazards – they must be packed in a transparent polymer sheet with the proper number of perforations and at the correct density.

The ventilation required is based on the type of fruit or vegetable, and the route it takes from field to plate.

White and Breathing Polypropylene Sheets for Wrapping Cheeses

White and breathing polypropylene sheets (to release gases emitted from the cheese).

Jolybar’s cheese wrapping paper is ideal to wrap semi-ripe cheeses:

Camembert, Brie, St. Maure and more.

Food Liquid Absorber

Jolybar’s liquid absorber sheets absorb all kinds of liquids,

leaving the food dry over time while retaining its freshness and appearance.

The large sheets are offered at various sizes and absorbency levels according to customer demand.

The sheets are made of environmentally friendly materials approved for contact with food.

Ecological Packaging Sheets

The packaging world began the environmental revolution with the

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle standards. 

Jolybar is prepared to comply with the standards and implement packaging innovation, enable it

 to adapt and even improve the traditional structure 

of highly impermeable packages (multilayer structures), “Retort” packaging and packages made of ecological materials.

Shrink Sleeves made of Various Materials

Jolybar offers a wide variety of shrink sleeves made of various materials: PLA,OPS, PVC, PET.

Each of the materials offers many advantages and different shrinking properties.

When shrinking, the sleeves adapt to the package size

and provide 360° coverage. The sleeves are resistant to moisture 

and used in various applications, including yogurt cups, cheese containers, soap and shampoo bottles and more.

SEALBAR Welding and Packaging Sheets

A wide variety of sheets for welding on polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene, aluminum, paper, PLA, PVDC, PVC, glass and more.

There are various levels of welding strength for both Easy Peel and Lock Seal sheets.

The welding sheets are resistant to industrial freezing temperature (-40°) and up to 210° for oven and microwave heating.

A single-ply sheet approved for the food market for sandwich wrappers, tray covers, heating bags, frozen food, cosmetics and more.

When heated, the sheet is able to self-ventilate, thus there is no need for puncturing.

High Barrier Sheets

Various high barrier sheets: BOPA, BOPET, BOPP, used to protect against gas permeation: oxygen, water and to protect against gas emission, such as nitrogen (MAP), water or various aromas.

The sheets offer various levels of impermeability, based on the application and packaging technology. Some are coated with a barrier material (PVDC, ALOX and more) and some have an interior EVOH layer that provides impermeability.

The high barrier sheets are sold for a “single use” or a multilayer structure, enabling welding, printing, sterilization and more.

Vacuum Forming Sheets

Synthetic Paper

YUPO materials at various thicknesses of 100-500 micron for applications requiring

thickness, mechanical strength and rigidity.

For example: Cards/tags, labels, INMOLD, instruction sheets, various publications and more.

The supplied materials are print-ready using various technologies.

Dairy Product Leads

29-37 micron aluminum, precut with welding lacquer for PET/PP/PS containers + printing primer.

White 50 micron polyester with welding lacquer for PET/PP/PS containers + printing primer.

Coffee Capsule Leads

Aluminum coated with welding lacquer and printing primer.

Laminated aluminum for PE with welding lacquer and printing primer.

Important technical information

Low sealing-temp PP

Anti Fog Polypropylene

Matt Polypropylene

White cavitated (“pearlized”) Polypropylene

White solid Polypropylene

Metalized Polypropylene

Non-treated transparent Polypropylene

Corona-treated transparent Polypropylene

B.O.P.P. Coex Clear, 20-50 my


Food Liquid Absorber

Moisture-Absorbing for Vacuum packs

Scheda Magic BondPad

Moisture-Absorbing for Fish and Meat

Moisture-Absorbing for Fish

Moisture-Absorbing for Fruits and Vegetables

Ecological Packaging Sheets

Metallized PLA, High barrier for water and oxygen. OTR<15, WVTR<3.5


Shrink Sleeves made of Various Materials

PET - Polyester

Recycled, shrinkage-level 30%, 72%

(PCRR R-19, 40-50 my)

Shrinkage – 79%

(PCSR T-12, 40-50 my)

Early shrinkage-level – 77%

(PCSE T-21, 38-50 my)

Shrinkage – 72%

(PCSH T-19, 35-50 my)


Shrinkage level – 64%

(VCSH, SF937 QS7A, 40-50 my)

Shrinkage level – 59%

(SF905, QS7R, 40 my)

Shrinkage level – 57%

(SF905, QS60, 38-40 my)

Shrinkage level – 57%

(SF937, QS60, 38-40 my)

Shrinkage level – 57%

(VCSR, SF305, 38-50 my)


Shrinkage level – 65%



PLA Shrink


White and Breathing Polypropylene Sheets for Wrapping Cheeses

White cavitated (“pearlized”) Polypropylene


SEALBAR Welding and Packaging Sheets

EASY PEEL - Pealable





















Lock Seal

White Heat-Seal Polyester

(White Heat-Seal Polyester - 50 my)

White Polyester,

(PWPL - White Polyester)

Matt Heat-Seal Polyester












BOPP - Polypropylene

White High Barrier BOPP


White Polypropylene, low specific gravity


White Polypropylene, low specific gravity


White metalized Polypropylene


White solid Polypropylene



High Barrier Sheets

PET - Polyester

PET High Barrier


PET Alox High Barrier


Pasteurization PET PVDC Coated


PET PVDC Double Coated

(PVDCx2 )



High Barrier Metalized PET


UV Barrier PET




Matt PET PVDC Coated


BOPP - Polypropylene

High barrier transparent Polypropylene


White High Barrier BOPP






Metalized Polypropylene. OTR – 0.1, WVTR – 0.1


Metalized Polypropylene. OTR – 0.1, WVTR – 0.1


White Polypropylene. OTR – 18, WVTR – 5.5


Transparent Polypropylene. OTR – 18, WVTR – 4.5-5.5


Transparent Polypropylene. OTR – 0.1, WVTR – 5-7.5


Transparent Polypropylene. OTR – 13, WVTR – 3.5-7.5


Aluminium for lamination

Aluminium, 6-9 my



PE High Barrier, for mono polymer structure. OTR – 1.5, WVTR – 6.


Vacuum Forming Sheets

synthetic paper

Dairy Product Leads

White Polyester, 50 my


Aluminium, 29 my


Coffee Capsule Leads

PE/Aluminium lamination


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