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About Jolybar

Jolybar specializes in the production and supply of materials for flexible packaging and digital printing. Jolybar processes coated papers and bindings for digital printing and customized sheets and rolls for different types of flexible packaging, for such specialized markets as electronics and hi- tech, pharmaceuticals, security and food manufacturing.

The company was founded in 1987 by Yoel Blumenberg and Avner Inbar and has a staff of around 50 employees. The Jolybar facility is located in the Alon Tavor industrial estate near Afula in Northern Israel, which is a hub of manufacturing excellence with a highly skilled workforce.

In addition to the company’s advanced technological capabilities and its considerable experience and professionalism, Jolybar is first and foremost a service provider. Its customers appreciate that we are focused on their specific needs and provide an excellent standard of service. Jolybar is well known in the international packaging industry as market leading company, always ahead of the curve and constantly striving for creativity and innovation.

Production Excellence

The entire production process, including cutting and packaging, is carried out in-house at the Jolybar factory. All auxiliary operations and support services are built around two advanced production lines – the sheet line and the roll line. The company also operates a bespoke cutting service for its customers.

Jolybar stocks an extensive inventory of raw materials and a variety of processing equipment and cutting machines, which allow it to produce a wide range of finished products quickly and to the highest standards. The entire operation is coordinated using a cutting-edge ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, built to incorporate new developments in accordance with the needs of individual customers and the latest technological capabilities.

Jolybar’s activities are run according to the “Just in Time” principle, which allows for fast delivery in accordance with each specific customer’s needs, minimizing the time from order confirmation until the product reaches the customer’s warehouses. At the same time Jolybar can be relied upon to deliver stable pricing and efficient work, coordinating directly with its customers’ production, logistics and quality control departments.

Quality Assurance
Jolybar ensures strict quality assurance throughout every stage of the production process. The company’s quality control department constantly monitors work procedures to ensure implementation of comprehensive quality management procedures at all stages of its operations, in accordance with ISO: 9001/2008 and SFC standards.

Environmental Awareness
Jolybar takes seriously its responsibility to promote environmental awareness in the packaging industry. The company strives to work exclusively with high quality ecological raw materials, and adheres to work processes that are environmentally friendly. Keeping in step with “green” requirements,  Jolybar has established an environmental standards department that is involved in all the activities of the company – Ecojo.

Coating substrates

JOLYcoat – Substrates ready to print

Jolybar’s Digital Print Center features a Coating Center which is of the most progressive in its field.

The center complies with the strict HP Indigo standard and has been officially certified by HP.

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