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Stamping Foils

Jolybar provides metallic, pigmented, holographic and securing stamping foils in rolls or sheets. We offer foils for easy to hard removal. Stamping can be applied to laminations, plastic products, bindings, paper, cardboard, labels, wine paper and more.

Hot Stamping

Metallic foils manufactured by API Britain and ITW Korea.

Pigmented foils manufactured by API Britain, ITW Korea and Crown USA.

Holographic foils, foils for rigid plastic.

Cold Stamping

API Britain:  TA series for roll stamping. Intended for stamping films.

TU series for sheet stamping. Intended for stamping paper and cardboard.

ITW Korea: KFR series for roll and sheet stamping. Intended for stamping films.

Security Stamping Foils

CROWN USA and API Britain.

Various security options, ranging from page products to customer dedicated products.

Digital Stamping Foils (MGI, SCODIX)

ITW Korea: YS and YSP Series:

Approved by SCODIX and MGI.

Successfully used in various integrated machines enabling digital stamping or lamination.

Stamping Aids

Polyurethane – boards, Epoxy glass – boards.

Superpress blanket – sheets, Freshbend – sheets

Block adhesive strips – Rolls

Fiberglass brushes for block cleaning

Important technical information

Hot Stamping


MH Grade TIS

GT Grade TIS

MV Plus



OS Plus

Cold Stamping

Cold Stamping Foil – KFR

Cold Stamping Foil – CFR

Cold Stamping Foil – ICF

A guide for Cold Stamping Foil – TA

Cold Stamping Foil – TA

Security Stamping Foils

Digital Stamping Foils (MGI, SCODIX) ​

Stamping Aids

Fiberglass brush for plate cleaning

Fresh Band – Sheets

Super Press Blanket – sheets

Epoxy Glass – boards

Polyurethane – boards

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