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Sheets used for packaging medical devices and equipment

Jolybar processes and markets sheets used for a wide variety of medical equipment packaging applications: Syringe blister packs, drill bit packs, hospitalization bracelets, CAPSORB sheets and more. The sheets meet the highest approval and licensing standards, paying strict attention to work evidentiary, machinery, packaging and transport cleanliness.


Various PVC sheets for manufacturing blister packs for medication or medical equipment, intended for welding

with aluminum. 

Jolybar represents Liveo Research GmbH, which offers all available packaging

solutions for the pharmaceutical market, ranging from PVC MONO at various colors and thicknesses to special sheets and various coatings to extend shelf life and enable maximum impermeability, such as PVDC ACLAR and other laminates.

TYVEK® Paper

A DuPont brand of antibacterial, ecological and recyclable synthetic paper. 

TYVEK paper is used for a wide variety of medical equipment packaging applications:

TYVEK envelopes + paper, hospitalization bracelets and more.


Manufactured specifically for medical device blister packaging.

The sheet is easy to process, even for small spaces and deep angles. 

Provides excellent impermeability and is suitable for most sterilization methods.

Absorbent Sheets

Highly absorbent sheets for clinical use at medical facilities (operating rooms, labs and more.

Important technical information


Tyvek® Paper


Absorbent Sheets

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