Accessibility of the Jolybar building:
Address: Alon Tavor Industrial Area.
Disabled parking is located in the entrance plaza.
The access roads to the building are accessible and without obstacles, including the office services, the kitchen and the other areas.
Disabled services – available in the office. wide aisles. Signage and directions – yes.

Website accessibility:
An accessible website is a website that allows people with disabilities and older people to surf with the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as surfers. About 20 to 25 percent of the population encounter difficulties using the Internet and may benefit from more accessible Internet content, according to a study conducted in 2003 by the Microsoft company.

Jolybar believes in and works for equal opportunities in the Internet space for those with various disabilities and/or who use assistive technologies to use a computer.
This website meets the requirements of the Equal Rights Regulations for Women with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Adjustments), 2013.
The website complies with the recommendations of the Israeli standard (TI 5568) for content accessibility on the Internet at level AA and the recommendations of the WCAG2.0 document by the W3C organization. Also, it is adapted for display in common browsers and for use on the cell phone.

How do you use our accessibility service?
By clicking the accessibility button, a menu will open before you with the following options:
Changing screen colors to monochrome colors
Change contrast (high/low)
Change font size (increase/decrease)
Changing the font type to a readable font
Changing the size and color of the mouse cursor
Screen magnification panel Marking links and titles
Add a description to the photos
Clicking on one of the options in the menu will change the presentation of the page in the requested manner.

If you need a document that appears on the website and it is not accessible, please contact us with a link to the location and we will take care of it as soon as possible. If you found a component or page that is not accessible on the site, we will be happy if you contact us and we will make sure to fix it as soon as possible.

Inquiries about accessibility If you encountered a problem or have a comment or question, you are welcome to contact us by email: [email protected], or by phone: +972-4-6407333.

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