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Jolybar offers a choice of cutting services for films and foils in both roll and sheet formats. We work with a wide spectrum of different raw materials, including polyester, polypropylene, aluminum, non-woven fabrics, poster stock, paper, and different laminates.

Thanks to the experience that our company has developed over thirty years, together with our advanced enterprise model and innovative equipment, Jolybar is one of Israel’s leading specialists in this sector. We have six special slitting machines for cutting plastic material on master rolls, and three guillotines for cutting plastic sheets. This enables us to cut materials in roll formats from 10 mm in width and up to 2.5 meters, and to slice materials into thicknesses from 8 microns to 2 millimeters. We also have the capability to cut large master rolls weighing up to 2 tons and measuring 1.2 meters in diameter.

Jolybar’s cutting services are provided according to strict quality control and stringent industry standards. Projects are customized and carried out according to each customer’s specific requirements. The company is proud to provide rapid and accessible services, meeting even the tightest deadlines and providing solutions in emergency situations.

Our cutting services are frequently utilized by customers from different industrial sectors, such as the defense industries and by companies involved in food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, printing, and plastics manufacturing. At Jolybar we are very familiar with the specific requirements of each industry and we can therefore provide each of our customers with complete peace of mind and security concerning their cutting project. Our stringent quality assurance standards, together with our experience and our unwavering insistence on professionalism and reliability, have made Jolybar the go-to company for customers from a wide range of different industry sectors.

Product Manager: Yossi Penn
Coating substrates

JOLYcoat – Substrates ready to print

Jolybar’s Digital Print Center features a Coating Center which is of the most progressive in its field.

The center complies with the strict HP Indigo standard and has been officially certified by HP.

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