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Foils for pharmaceutical packaging

Jolybar processes and markets various sheets used as a substrate for packing Pharmaceuticals and supplements, as well as foils used to cover blister packs, all meeting the highest standards and licensing requirements, meticulously upholding standards relating to cleanliness, working environments, machinery, packing and transport.


Various PVC sheets for manufacturing blister packs for medication or medical equipment, intended for welding with aluminum.

Jolybar represents Liveo Research GmbH, which offers all available packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical market, ranging from PVC MONO at various colors and thicknesses to special sheets and various coatings to extend shelf life and enable maximum impermeability, such as PVDC ACLAR and other laminates.

Aluminum Foils

Aluminum bearing a universal lacquer for welding onto all kinds of blister packs and printing lacquer, PVC, PE, PP, ALU.

WE have aluminum of various thicknesses on stock, 20-50 micron.

Jolybar exclusively represents Italian Aluberg in Israel.

ALM ALU Laminate

Cold Forming ALU laminate made of layers of polyamide + aluminum + PVC at 138-145 micron for producing high barrier blister packs.

The laminate is intended for medical-grade blister packs, suitable for welding to aluminum foil.

Polypropylene Sheets

Transparent COEX polypropylene sheets intended for food and drug outer packaging

of various thicknesses, starting from 20 micron.

 All sheets marketed by Jolybar are approved for contact with food.

Important technical information


PVC Transparent

P.V.C. Pharma, 250 my


PVC+PVDC Coating

P.V.C. Pharma, 250 my + 40 gr. P.V.D.C



P.V.C. Pharma, 250 my + 40 gr P.V.D.C


Aluminum Foils

Coated Aluminium for Blister packaging

Aluminium PH, 25 my


Aluminium PH, 20 my


ALM ALU Laminate

ALU/ALU – 145 my

(ALUALU Spec Sheet (LOTTE))

Polypropylene Sheets

B.O.P.P. Coex Clear, 20-50 my


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